June. 16, 2020 – 11:00 –
Hosted by, Seema Iyer Scott Walker, featuring JKC Trucking Inc. Vice-President Mike Kucharski to speak about how truckers are not going to into police de-funded areas.
When you are a truck driver long enough you will run into violent people trying to steal from your truck and trailer and most of the time the bad guys will be successful. I was once making  delivery into Long beach CA I arrived early to receiver and I went to sleep in my sleeper. I was woken up because an intruder broke my window and opened my door, when I sat up I was almost eye to eye with the intruder. I wish I had a firearm at that time but I scared off the intruder with my baseball bat. When this was happening I did not know if this guy wanted to harm me or steal something. Drivers must protect themselves due to all the dangers they encounter.